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VPN service providers list

Take a look at this massive set of VPN services. This VPN service providers list is updated daily, and is based on the legit VPN sites tracker.

The best VPN services to use in 2020

We have listed down the best VPN services which you can use in 2020. We have looked at how fresh they are, how many nodes they have, and the overal service.

VPN service providers in a list
This list is updated daily.


VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” (virtual private network or virtual private network) and is the safest way to access the Internet without worrying about compromising your online identity, your privacy and your finances.

A VPN consists of the following:

Here are some of the ingredients your provider needs to provide you the magic of a VPN service:

  1. VPN server: The servers have been made accessible in various places by the VPN provider
  2. Support of different protocols: To create the tunnel.
  3. Encryption: The encryption ensures that the communication is secured

A VPN works like this

By means of the well-known strong VPN protocols, the VPN creates a secure tunnel. The VPN hides your original IP address behind its own IP address and encrypts all communication that goes through the secure tunnel, allowing you to surf the internet freely and anonymously.

A VPN has several advantages

Using a VPN offers many advantages. Here are some of the most common:

1 Replace the original IP address with one that is anonymous

The main reason for this invention, when VPN was designed, was to create a tunnel between remote computers to allow remote access. And this was successfully accomplished.

At a later stage, VPN was increasingly used to switch between different locations, each location with its own IP address. Today, VPN is only used to protect the end-user’s IP address by simply hiding it behind the IP address of one of its own servers.

2 Encrypt your data

The VPN server is the best product you can take for encrypting your internet connection. When you send data over the internet, this data travels together in different clusters. These clusters are easy to intercept through simple tools on the web.

Take a letter as an example. Suppose you send a letter to your uncle through your cousin. You would not send the letter in an opened envelope, because anyone who has owned the envelloppe can easily read it. What if this letter was in a sealed envelope? This way nobody can open the envelope unnoticed and read the letter.

3 Avoid censorship and geographical restrictions

The censorship is increasing and the right to freedom of expression is decreasing and this increases the need in a VPN. There are many places in the world where you are not allowed to express your opinion.