Begin Your Entertainment Journey with VLC Player for PC

Pick the file destination where you would like VLC Player to be installed on your PC, and wait for the entire download process to complete. This should take a few minutes only, depending upon the strength of your internet connection. Make sure that all other applications are closed before you start this download process so that there are no interruptions in the downloading procedure of VLC Player for PC.

Once the entire file has downloaded, simply click on Finish, and you are all set to start using VLC Player for PC! Enjoy the amazing features and benefits of the best media player in the app market.

You can enjoy all of these features for free, without worrying about any sort of hidden or in app costs. Watch all of your favourite files using VLC Player for PC. You can even enjoy HD and BlueRay on VLC Player for PC.

VLC Player also supports all kinds of subtitle tracks, embedded and external both. These include both DVD as well as SSA subtitles.

VLC Player beautifully organises all of your media files into a library created on your PC. Now, you can easily find all of your media files in one single place. The integrated search option on VLC Player also allows you to search for a specific file without any issues.


VLC Player has been in the market for over 10 years now, and has established its dominance over other media players as the best and the most popular media player. With constant updates and bug fixes, VLC Player will continue to rise to the top of the charts as the best media player that you can download for all your needs.