VK.com hacked: 171 million user accounts stolen

VK.com, one of the largest Russian social media networks seems to be breached. An hacker has stated towards ZDNet that 171 million user accounts have been stolen from the VK.com environment.

The hacker states that full names, email addresses, unencrypted passwords, location information and mobile numbers are included in the leaked VK.com database.

The hacker has published 100 million user accounts for sale.

Official response from VK.com

VK.com stated that the hack is claimed to be part from an older hack which originated from 2012.

“We are talking about old logins / passwords that had been collected by fraudsters in 2011-2012. All users’ data mentioned in this database was changed compulsorily,” said a spokesperson. “Please remember that installing unreliable software on your devices may cause your data loss. For security reasons, we recommend enabling 2-step verification in profile settings and using a strong password.”

TOP passwords used by VK.com users

Rank Password Frequency
1 123456 709,067
2 123456789 416,591
3 qwerty 291,645
4 111111 189,151
5 1234567890 156,614
6 1234567 141,620
7 12345678 107,799
8 123321 93,048
9 000000 91,981
10 123123 89,461
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