VirtualBox Shared Folder within Virtual Windows 10 and more

VirtualBox allows the operator to create shared folders within VirtualBox clients and in this case, we are going to explain how to setup a shared folder for Windows 10 using VirtualBox and the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

Windows 10 operating system

The first thing which we will do is start up the VirtualBox Windows 10 operating system. Once this system has booted, we will navigate to the VirtualBox screen and we will click on the “Devices” tab, once the “devices” tab has been opened, a new menu will open, in this menu we will select the “Insert Guest Additions CD image…”.

The latest selection will insert the VirtualBox guest additions CD image to the Windows 10 VirtualBox client. If the insertion is successful, you will be able to start the VirtualBox installation process from within the Windows 10 VirtualBox client.

VirtualBox additions Windows 10

Click yes to continue the VirtualBox Guest Additions installation.
VirtualBox additions Windows 10 installation screen

Select where you want to have the VirtualBox Guest Additions installed.VirtualBox additions Windows 10 installation screen installing

VirtualBox additions Windows 10 drivers

Install the Oracle drivers.VirtualBox additions Windows 10 reboot

Once the installation process has been completed, you will be asked to reboot the system.

After the reboot

Once you have performed a reboot for the Windows 10 Virtualbox client, you will be able to enjoy some extra features like:

  • Custom resolution
  • Drag and Drop
  • Shared Folders

windows 10 shared folder

Just do remember to enable the shared folders option within the VirtualBox Windows 10 client Settings tab.

You can allow the Windows 10 shared folder to:

  • Auto mount
  • Be read only

Windows 10 shared folder VirtualBox