Virtualbox for beginners

Downloading programs indiscriminately, installing a test version of Windows or developing software. All applications where a virtual computer can come in handy. You can mess up your entire system, because with the push of a button you start with a clean slate. With VirtualBox you can test without limits and without the consequences being disastrous.

With VirtualBox you create a new computer or virtual machine within your current operating system. You can install all operating systems on it that also run on a physical computer with an Intel or AMD architecture. The systems work completely independent of your real computer, so you can try everything without endangering the host system. If things go wrong, you simply start over. Your own work system remains unaffected.


In VirtualBox you can try out Ubuntu or Android, but you can also choose the same operating system, so that if a tested program does not cause any problems, you can also put it on the real computer. With VirtualBox you can even use multiple virtual machines side by side. And that can be as many as the memory and space on the hard disk allow. The possibilities go so far that you can also start a 64-bit virtual machine within a 32-bit Windows operating system, which in turn can run both 32 and 64-bit applications.

VirtualBox screen running Windows 10

A VirtualBox is simpler than a dual boot system. With VirtualBox you can run different operating systems side by side without having to boot over and over to switch. For a virtual machine you do not have to create additional partitions and with one push of a button, the Virtual Machine is easily removed. VirtualBox is made available by the Oracle company under the GPLv2 license, which means as much as free and free.

Download and install

You can download VirtualBox from On the site you can choose from versions for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. All versions of VirtualBox work more or less the same under the mentioned operating systems, but in this article we’ll use a Windows system as an example. VirtualBox is regularly updated

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