A view on some Cybersecurity methods

Methods of data protection, encryption, anti-virus software, firewalls and passwords existed long before modern day data revolution. Devices that can connect to the global Internet or data networks are becoming smaller and smarter. For example, only with modern mobile phone, people can access e-mail, mail updates of blogs, and access to personal documents or business all over the Internet.

Truly effective solution to cyber-security should be as dynamic and flexible as the value for each of the methods of application and digital services and digital access devices being used. It is a viable way to limit all or scan all, it serves only to prevent users to benefit from increased productivity and the strength to modern digital networks and Internet access and use super model IT resources.

Model cyber security for network data is defined as something that protects data and data systems to deny access to unauthorized users, preservation of functional status of the overall health of a digital network of 99%.

Protection systems and data from unauthorized access

As more and more information is stored on the network, as well as financial data, credit card numbers, classified documents and information can not fall into unauthorized hands, data protection is a major concern Cybersecurity. Unfortunately, there have been many well-known security breaches of important data as millions of stolen credit numbers, the theft of trade information for the national security of the use of Trojans and other methods of intrusion.

Methods include intrusion

Theft or breach of internal networks or employee normally authorized with allowed access to systems or access to certain areas where domestic spying, you are able to find passwords and authorization codes people to a safe place. (Notes on the table, computers left logged in to secure areas).

Expose the information to an external injury putting documents on the laptop USB sticks and memory to display this information at meetings outside the network. Many times employees place a document on a USB key that will be on display at the remote site, which remains in the USB. Then they place their pen drive in a third computer to present the document , not knowing that the computer has a Trojan which quickly copies of all data on the USB drive to an unauthorized location 3 parts,

  • Installing hidden network intrusion applications or back door in the form of legitimate applications that belong to the network have been infected unwittingly open email or authorized user on the website.
  • Brute force attacks in which usernames and passwords are common weak to take advantage of systems that try millions of combinations of user names, fixed password to access.
  • Vulnerabilities in operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, which provides a safe, and is approved for work on the shortcomings found in the software design.

Preventing downtime of services authorized by unauthorized activities to be worn so that the network cannot be used in any form. These attacks cause considerable damage and downtime network on a daily basis. The ability to detect such attacks and cut furthest from the core network and the source is very important for the overall health of strong Cybersecurity program.

Preservation of functional overall health of the digital network.

Preserving the health of digital networks not only in preventing attacks and unauthorized activities, but also to maintain basic services and access data that authorized users depend. It is a viable way to stop the attack or prevent potential attacks and prevent or restrict unauthorized access solution. Cybersecurity solution must be able to isolate and prevent attacks and violations of their integrity at the same time does not limit or deny access to their resources to authorized users.

It appears in many different ways that security can be divided into data networks and overwhelming dependence on those networks that present methods of security are not enough to protect these networks, but they serve to cause most of the problems and the approach to network security problems. As such urgent need felt necessary to change the current way of accessing cybersecurity and create a new dynamic model that is able to constantly adapt to the changing needs of protecting data networks.