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[VIDEO] Fighting a Cyber War – Panel disccusion

Fighting a Cyber War will provide insight in the current cyberwar era. The video is a Panel disccusion and the length of the Fighting a Cyber War video is 01:12:22.

Why do we collect these videos?

I have indexed the Fighting a Cyber War video to the cyberwarzone website because this video provides information and knowledge about the current and past challenges which occur in the cyber security and the cyber conflict world.

It is important to have a wide view and to keep intelligence up to date. These videos are a perfect way to get an understanding in the cyberwar field.


 Fighting a Cyber War

Date uploaded

 1 aug. 2014

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Type of video

 Panel disccusion



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We have decided to only publish the [title] link. The reason is very simple, Youtube can be a pain in the *** sometimes as they often delete “hacking, security and cyberwar” videos. This process is automated so it is very hard to stop.

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Fighting a Cyber War


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