Various DNS services that you can start using today! [2018]

You might have heard about the fast DNS services that run on the IP addresses, and, but did you know that there are a lot more DNS servers which you can use to boost your browsing experience?!

In this post we take a look at various DNS servers in the world.

Do understand that usage of specific DNS servers might be a security risk, so it is wise to use DNS servers where the privacy of their users is taken in strong consideration!

Regarding to DNS features, it is important to know what the following labels actually mean:

  • DNSCrypt

DNSCrypt is a network protocol which authenticates DNS traffic between the client and recursive name servers. It is important to note down that the protocol was not proposed to IETF.

DNSCrypt does not provide end-to-end security, it does add an encryption layer which protects the local network against man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • DNS via HTTPS

Google, Cloudflare, CleanBrowsing and Mozzila are testing versions of DNS over HTTPS, one of the latest public made environment is the new DNS environment of Cloudflare ( DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is in the benefit of the web users, as it makes it harder for threat actors to perform eavesdropping and manipulation of the DNS data.

  • DNS over TLS

By default, DNS is sent over a plaintext connection. DNS over TLS is one way to send DNS queries over an encrypted connection. For example, Cloudflare supports DNS over TLS on standard port 853 and is compliant with RFC7858.

Small List of DNS services

  • Google DNS
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • Quad9 DNS
  • OpenDNS
  • Norton Antivirus DNS
  • CleanBrowsing
  • Yandex DNS
  • Comodo DNS
  • Unbound DNS
  • PowerDNS
  • DNSMasq
  • MaraDNS
  • Knot DNS
  • Erl-DNS

Which DNS server should you use?!

If you are happy with, then stay with it, you can also head towards or Quad9, which is Man, Woman, knock yourself out! There is so much option!

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