uTorrent hidden bit coin miner: Friend or Foe in battle for Privacy?

The uTorrent company has been active for various years, their client is used by millions of internet users to download Torrent files from Torrent sharing websites like ThePirateBay and KickAssTorrents.

But since a couple of days, reports are being published which state that the uTorrent client secretly installs a bit coin mining software on the computer.

The bit coin mining software will use the CPU power of your computer to generate bit coins for uTorrent. Now let’s roll back, earlier I stated that the client is being used by millions of people globally, so the uTorrent company is mining for bit coins on millions of computers (Guess).

Now it would not have been a problem if the uTorrent company stated somewhere that they will attach a bitcoin mining software to the uTorrent client, but instead the uTorrent company chose to remain silent. Harming your trust and privacy – because, what else could they have installed besides to the bit coin mining software?

The uTorrent company stated that the users accepted the Bit coin mining option, and that they have a policy which allows any company to publish their software with uTorrent.

If you are tired of using uTorrent, there are various alternatives which you can use:

  • qBittorrent
  • Vuze
  • Transmission
  • Deluge
  • Opera browser
  • Tribler
  • Tixati
  • Torch browser
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