Most used cybercrime tools

Anonymous hackers and cybercriminals uses various hacking tools to attack their targets. They will use DDoS tools and SQL injection tools to hack potential websites. The hackers will also use ‘cracked’ vulnerability scanners which will allow them to perform vulnerability audits on the domains that they want to target.

Cybercrime tools

The cybercrime tools and Anonymous hacking tools are used to deface, takedown or infect a domain. Take a look at the following list of cybercrime tools which are used by Anonymous hackers and Cybercriminals.


Lets start with the Anonymous HOIC and LOIC DDoS tools. The LOIC and HOIC tools are a open source network stressing tool which is capable of performing denial-of-service attacks. The Low Orbit Ion Cannon is being used by Anonymous hackers to initiate various DDoS attacks on websites. The LOIC tool is written in c-sharp and it is developed by the Preatox Technologies company. The Anonymous hackers created another version of the LOIC, which allows hackers to initiate DDoS attacks via websites that host the JavaScript version of LOIC, titled ‘JS LOIC’.