US National Cyber Range Complex

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The US National Cyber Range Complex is a sophisticated facility designed to address some of the most challenging cybersecurity and information technology integration issues.

Why is there a Need for the National Cyber Range Complex?

The need for cybersecurity and cyber-hardened weapons has become a strategic imperative. The National Cyber Range Complex is designed to train today’s warfighters to operate in highly complex, challenging environments and prepare them for the future battlefield where the flow of data could be exposed to cyber attacks​.

The Complex is an integrated and interoperable constellation of facilities that enables the planning and execution of large-scale, complex and distributed cyber training and evaluation, training, and mission rehearsal events.

It helps the US Army assess cyber threat impacts and advance national system cybersecurity, making sure that their equipment can withstand cyber attacks.

The Importance of the National Cyber Range Complex

The National Cyber Range Complex plays a pivotal role in the Army’s network modernization strategy. By conducting annual cybersecurity assessments of the Unified Network Operations prototypes and other product line systems, it helps to address potential vulnerabilities and identify mitigation steps, including software improvements and additional vendor software requirements.

The aim is to ensure that soldiers stay connected, informed, safe, and lethal, even in the most austere and hostile environments​.

A key part of this cybersecurity assessment is to address potential vulnerabilities and identify mitigation steps, including software improvements and additional vendor software requirements. These assessments help to identify cyber threat vectors that could potentially render software products vulnerable to cyber attacks at the software application level​.

The Complex provides a great capability and opportunity to stress systems and identify cyber and information assurance vulnerabilities very early in a program’s lifecycle. Given the importance of network operations in the Army, these annual assessments help support the Army’s Network Cross Functional Team’s goals for a secure tactical communications network​.

Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE)

The Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) is a crucial support system for the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), satisfying a critical need within the Department of Defense (DoD) and Joint Cyberspace Operations Forces for comprehensive training across individual, team, and force levels.

Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE)
Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE)

As a training platform, PCTE aids in the standardized individual sustainment training of Joint Cyberspace Operations Forces, team certification, and mission rehearsals. It establishes a foundation for collective training exercises. By leveraging existing connectivity, it allows the sharing of resources and provides additional cyber “maneuver space,” contributing to the enhancement of the readiness and lethality of our Cyberspace Operations Forces.

Additionally, the PCTE is an integral part of the Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA), an overarching cyberspace architecture designed to provide insight, agility, and lethality to maintain a competitive advantage against near-peer adversaries.

Which contractors provide their expertise

BAE Systems

BAE Systems has been chosen as the lead contractor in a substantial $2.4 billion contract spanning 10 years. As the principal service provider, BAE Systems will deliver a variety of solutions, including cybersecurity integration, system testing, range support services, and training of personnel.

Lockheed Martin

The company has demonstrated unwavering dedication to molding the future cyber warriors, encompassing everything from in-depth educational programs to extensive mission rehearsal simulations. This comprehensive approach is designed to optimize the success of these digital soldiers in the increasingly complex realm of cyber conflict.

Their collaboration with the U.S. military and the intelligence community, along with their pivotal support of the test Resource Management Center’s National Cyber Range (NCR), has provided them with a profound understanding of defense and attack strategies in cyber operations and the creation of robust platforms.

General Dynamics Mission Systems

The National Cyber Range (NCR) is leveraging the Intelligence Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer (IEWTPT) from General Dynamics Mission Systems. This powerful tool is designed to deliver mission-critical training to intelligence collectors and analysts. Through the utilization of the IEWTPT, the NCRC is facilitating comprehensive instruction across a range of intelligence disciplines, fostering individual and collective competency.


ManTech, headquartered in Herndon, VA, is widely recognized for its expertise in advanced cybersecurity, data analytics, and systems engineering solutions. Their work spans various sectors, including defense, intelligence, and federal civilian agencies.


Based in Boston, MA, SimSpace specializes in advanced cybersecurity simulation and testing. Their capabilities encompass creating intricate virtual environments that mirror real-world digital infrastructures, allowing for thorough and effective cybersecurity assessments.


Operating from Chantilly, VA, ByLight/Metova combines their extensive knowledge in network services, cybersecurity, and software solutions. This partnership leverages the respective strengths of both firms, offering an array of technical solutions across a wide range of sectors.

Cole Engineering Services, Inc.

Cole Engineering Services, Inc., located in Orlando, FL, excels in providing innovative simulation-based training systems. Their focus is primarily on defense, homeland security, and medical sectors, offering simulation and training products that enhance operational readiness.

Invictus International Consulting

Invictus International Consulting, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, is known for its broad range of solutions in the cyber, intelligence, and technology sectors. Their services help safeguard and optimize a variety of operations across both government and commercial arenas.


Based in Palo Alto, CA, VMWare is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. Their suite of products and services revolutionizes the way organizations operate, offering scalability, security, and efficiency.


Colsa, based in Huntsville, AL, is recognized for its extensive expertise in engineering, cybersecurity, and information technology services. They provide solutions across several domains, including defense, civil government, and commercial sectors.

Optimal Solutions and Technology

Operating from Orlando, FL, Optimal Solutions and Technology specializes in technical management and services and system engineering. Their offerings are primarily aimed at defense, homeland security, and other federal agencies.


MITRE, headquartered in Orlando, FL, is known for its systems engineering and IT services. Their expertise spans cybersecurity, data analytics, and systems development, serving a range of sectors including defense, intelligence, and healthcare.

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