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DARPA wants to create unhackable Encrypted Chat messenger

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The United States is planning to build a encrypted messenger which should be practically unhackable. DARPA which is going to work on this idea, has published an online request, which invites candidates to create a secure messaging and transaction platform, which should be accessible via a web browser or standalone native application.

You can find the DARPA request here: 

DARPA explains that the objective of the Secure Messaging Platform is to provide a chat messenger service which is bulletproof and unhackable:

Create a secure messaging and transaction platform that separates the message creation, from the transfer (transport) and reception of the message using a decentralized messaging backbone to allow anyone anywhere the ability to send a secure message or conduct other transactions across multiple channels traceable in a decentralized ledger.

Darpa warns that the US military’s current messaging services are unfit for the present day, with communications vulnerable to interception:

Legacy messaging and back office infrastructures…are expensive, inefficient, brittle and subject to cyber attack. The overhead costs of maintaining such architectures is rising rapidly

Share this with people that should know this: