Do not upload this picture to Facebook – it will get you banned

The 31337 Facebook group has made a remarkable finding.

The group claims to have found a Twitter botnet, which is using pictures to herd and command it’s botnet.

The TrutherBot on Twitter has 202 000 followers, and it is a very active account. The TrutherBot published a modified image from the official Intel website.

The TrutherBot version:

Trutherbot version
Trutherbot version

Here comes the fun part. Once you upload the picture to Facebook, you will get a instaban from Facebook. Yes – Facebook, will close your account for a specific time frame. The reason behind this is still unknown. We did take a look to the exif information which is provided via the picture. We did not find anything special. You can take a look here for the exif data.

Now we are asking everyone, to upload the picture to Facebook. If you get banned, let us know. If you are not banned, let us know 2.

The following people got banned after uploading this picture to the Facebook domain.

  • Clayton CJ White
  • Jenny Baker
  • Jelena
  • Erin Gallager
  • Mirjana Stefanović
  • Андрија Вулићевић
  • Tihana Grgić Kosovac
  • Vesna Simeunović
  • Mirko Babic

Not banned:

  • Jelena Jovanovic
  • Radenković Ivica
  • Ivan Kariz
  • Никола Скенџић
  • Miša Miljković
  • Snezana Nikolic
  • HuckEtt Jee
  • Nino Stajic
  • Иван Икац

Do not upload this picture

Trutherbot version


Short survey:

  • did you post the unmodified image on facebook?
  • did you get banned, and if so what type of ban? full/groups only/other; temporary/permanent ban?
  • what device and platform did you use to access facebook to post the image from?
  • would you be willing to test posting other strangely modified images from the trutherbot account, or have you already done so?
  •  if yes, did any of them get you banned in a similar way, and if it did result in a ban, which image(s) [please provide link]?
  • If you did get banned, how long did facebook inform you that the ban would be active? when was the ban actually lifted? was this on time, sooner, or later than what you were told by facebook?
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