Unpacking the Power of OSINT in Financial Crime Investigations

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Is OSINT the Missing Link in Your Financial Crime Investigations?

In an era where financial crimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, institutions are grappling with the complexity of investigations.

A whopping 75% of financial crime professionals employ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) regularly in their investigations, according to a recent webinar survey. So, what exactly is OSINT, and how is it revolutionizing financial crime investigations? Let’s dive in.

What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

OSINT refers to the collection and analysis of publicly available data. It is an invaluable resource for financial institutions and government agencies for assessing customer risk.

The types of data range from company registries, sanctions lists, to social media and geographic information. Ignoring such vital information can lead to steep fines for non-compliance.

Challenges of OSINT in Financial Crime Investigations

Using OSINT is not a walk in the park. For instance, sanctions lists are publicly accessible but come in various formats and languages.

Integrating multiple data sources for effective investigations is complex and time-consuming. Moreover, not all solutions are comprehensive; some may focus solely on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or company registries, creating data silos that don’t communicate with each other.

The Knowledge Graph Solution

A Knowledge Graph centralizes all relevant data, both internal and external. It acts as a single source of truth in an investigation.

  1. Reveal New Insights: Uncover hidden connections between a client and a bad actor.
  2. Accelerate Investigations: Reduce the number of tools an investigator needs to open.
  3. Increase Confidence: With unified data, missing a crucial piece of information becomes less likely.

Setting up a Knowledge Graph involves gathering OSINT sources, integrating them into a single database, and then augmenting it with other relevant data like Know Your Customer (KYC) data.

Tools for Leveraging OSINT

Here is a quick rundown of some useful tools for enhancing your OSINT capabilities:

  • ACH Alert: Monitors transactions for suspicious activity.
  • Bankers Almanac: Provides comprehensive information on banks.
  • Bloomberg Terminal: Offers real-time financial data and analytics.
  • Credit Risk Monitor: Assesses credit risk of companies.

Final Thoughts

OSINT, when used strategically, can be a game-changer in financial crime investigations. It not only helps in identifying risks but also aids in regulatory compliance. With the right tools and a well-structured Knowledge Graph, you can stay ahead of financial criminals.

So, is OSINT the missing link in your financial crime investigations? If it’s not part of your strategy yet, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

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Reza Rafati, based in the Netherlands, is the founder of Cyberwarzone.com. An industry professional providing insightful commentary on infosec, cybercrime, cyberwar, and threat intelligence, Reza dedicates his work to bolster digital defenses and promote cyber awareness.

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