Universal Studios Orlando Roller Coaster Accident [SCAM]

Beware of the Universal Studios Orlando Roller Coaster Accident scam which is circulating on the web. This scam claims that an accident has occurred at the Universal Studios in Orlando, and that footage is available for anyone which wants to view it.

The scam tries to lure unaware internet users to a malicious website which will in order try to infect the device of the unaware internet user. The scammers try to lure the victims by claiming that they have footage of a shocking accident which occurred at Universal Studios in Orlando.

rollercoaster accident scam
Example of a malicious site. Beware – the site could still be active!

Once the victim clicks on the link of the fake Universal Studios Orlando Roller Coaster Accident, they will be redirected to an external website which hosts malicious codes and malicious surveys.

The surveys are used by the scammers / cybercriminals to generate an online revenue – it also allows them to collect personal information which they can use in future attacks.

It often occurs that the malicious site, will try to install a malicious application on the device of the victim. They often hide this malicious application as a genuine application – for example; they claim that your video player is outdated and that it needs to be updated.

These type of scams are here to stay on the internet, they have been active for many years and for the scammers it is very easy to setup such an environment.

So in order to stay safe, you will need to focus on the following:

  • Am I being navigated to an external website to view a video or post? If yes, take extra care.
  • Do I need to download anything to view the video or post? If yes, take extra care.
  • Do I need to share or like anything before I can view the video or post? If yes, take extra care.

Always use an legitimate antivirus application on your device, antivirus products are needed to secure yourself against these type of threats – but please do note, it is not enough – just stay sharp when you navigate on the web, and the chance of being infected will drop significantly.

If you see someone that is sharing the Universal Studios Orlando Roller Coaster Accident scam, then please warn them about the scam, and inform them about the steps which they need to take:

  1. Delete the link from the page.
  2. Delete malicious applications from their profile .
  3. Run an antivirus scan on their device.
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