United Arab Emirates (UAE) cyber security strategy

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a gem in the Middle East, has always been known for its rapid growth, stunning architecture, and ambitious visions. But in the age of digitization, when most aspects of life are now governed by the online world, a new aspect of its ambition has emerged: to be a global leader in cybersecurity.

Under the insightful guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, the nation has launched the “Dubai Cyber Security Strategy.” The strategy isn’t merely about firewalls and secured networks; it is an approach that encompasses the very essence of what it means to be digitally secure in today’s world.

Dubai’s Vision for Cybersecurity

Dubai, known as the city of the future, has once again proven its forward-thinking approach with this strategy. The primary objective is clear and ambitious: to make Dubai one of the most secure cities electronically in the world.

The strategy has multiple layers, each contributing to a comprehensive digital ecosystem:

  1. Data Protection: At the heart of any cybersecurity strategy is data. The plan ensures stringent measures to safeguard data against threats, ensuring that businesses and individuals can operate with confidence in the digital space.
  2. Electronic Services Security: As the world leans more towards online services, the protection of these electronic services is crucial. From banking to healthcare, the strategy ensures that services provided to citizens and residents remain uncompromised.
  3. Public Awareness: Any cybersecurity initiative is only as strong as its weakest link, and often, this is the human element. By educating individuals on the importance of digital hygiene, the strategy strengthens the first line of defense against cyber threats.
  4. Protection for All: Whether it’s a global enterprise or a start-up, an individual user, or an IT department, the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy doesn’t discriminate. It aims to provide a blanket of protection across all IT-related activities in the emirate.
Yousef Hamad Al-Shaibani director general of Dubai Electronic Security Center
Yousef Hamad Al-Shaibani director general of Dubai Electronic Security Center

eCrime portal

Recognizing the need for swift and efficient reporting mechanisms, the Dubai Police have introduced the eCrime portal – a state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform designed to empower the public in the fight against online threats.

What is the eCrime Portal?

The eCrime portal is a digital platform established by the Dubai Police to expedite the process of reporting cybercrimes. By streamlining the complaint procedure, it offers residents and businesses in Dubai a more accessible avenue to seek assistance against online misdemeanors.

UAE eCrime portal
UAE eCrime portal

Cybersecurity companies in UAE

Dubai’s rapid digital transformation has accentuated the importance of cybersecurity. Amidst rising sophisticated threats, a range of pioneering cybersecurity firms have emerged in Dubai to shield its digital frontier:

  1. Kaspersky Lab: From Moscow to Dubai, Kaspersky offers a myriad of solutions, from anti-malware defenses to security training.
  2. Fortinet: This California-born titan is renowned for its comprehensive suite of services, including firewalls, VPNs, and cloud security.
  3. Symantec: A veteran in the field since 1982, Symantec’s diverse offerings include antivirus, endpoint protection, and encryption.
  4. DarkMatter Group: An Abu Dhabi native, DarkMatter blends traditional security with innovative cyber operations and identity protection services.
  5. Help AG: A Dubai original, Help AG delivers a range of services from threat detection to risk management, ensuring robust protection.
  6. DTS Solution: Another local, DTS Solution emphasizes cutting-edge software, focusing on content filtering and data leakage prevention.
  7. Clouds Dubai: Specializing in cyber defense, Clouds Dubai’s expertise targets malware, ransomware, and network breaches.
  8. CyberGate Defense: With roots in Abu Dhabi, CyberGate offers comprehensive solutions spanning malware defense to network security.
  9. CyberCureME: A Dubai-based provider, CyberCureME ensures all-round cybersecurity, from vulnerability assessment to data loss prevention.
  10. ITSEC: Homegrown ITSEC delivers robust solutions, from endpoint protection to web content filtering.

Spotlight: Group-IB
Group-IB‘s recent inauguration of its Middle East & Africa Threat Intelligence & Research Center in Dubai marks a significant milestone. More than just a sales office, this center, nestled in Dubai Internet City, stands as a hub of innovation and cyber expertise. With its establishment, Dubai further cements its global cybersecurity stature.


The UAE, with its forward-looking approach to technology and business, boasts an impressive roster of cybersecurity companies equipped to safeguard businesses of all scales – from nascent startups to expansive enterprise ventures.

Whether you’re a small local business, a burgeoning startup, or a global conglomerate, the region’s cybersecurity landscape offers a wealth of expertise tailored to your needs. We trust that this article has provided a clear snapshot of the UAE’s robust cybersecurity milieu. Our aim is for you to not just be informed, but also confident in navigating and leveraging the region’s cybersecurity resources for your enterprise’s protection and success.

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