Undersea Internet Cables: This is their history

Have you ever wondered how the web is actually connected? Then you might be up for a big suprise. The first undersea cables were placed in 1850, this was for the Telegram technique.

According to Wikipedia, this was after William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone had introduced their working telegraph, and that was in 1839, after having introduced the telegraph technique, they were certain that they needed to expand the network by using undersea internet cables. In early 1840 they had submerged a wire in the waters of New York Harbor which was insulated with Indian rubber and tarred hemp.

We did a fast search on Youtube, and we found two awesome videos which will give you a deeper insight in the constructions and use of the undersea internet cables.

The video above shows how undersea cables are laid.

The second video shows the technique and methods which are used in the internet cable itself. A little spoiler; 80% of the cable is used to protect the internet cable.

By the way, did you know that for a long time people were afraid that sharks would destroy the undersea internet cables? Well, it is true.

But on the other hand, techniques and methods have been implemented to protect those cables against these types of attacks.