Ubisoft likely victim of Ransomware

Various reports are published which state that the game company Ubisoft might have been become a victim of the Egregor ransomware. Zdnet and bleepingcomputer report that the authenticity of the locked files which are held by the Egregor ransomware are actually genuine, and that this has been confirmed.

Ubisoft games
Ubisoft games

Egregor ransomware hits Ubisoft

The party behind the Egregor ransomware attack on Ubisoft content has control over Crytek data. They also stated that they will leak the source code of Watch Dogs Legion. This is a new game that is being developed by Ubisoft.

Image by ZDnet.com

It is currently still unclear on how the ransomware actors got access to the obtained data.

List of mentioned Crytek data

  1. AoF
  2. Gface
  3. NetOps
  4. Warface
  5. Book1.xlsx
  6. Crytek_Netops_v6.pdf
  7. CS – Shortcut
  8. New shortcut
  9. New Text Document.txt
  10. OnlineOperations_Overview.ppt
  11. Planning the Presentations of Online Op(erations.xlsx?)
  12. Presentation Online Operations
  13. Seating Plan 2013 04 22.xlsx
  14. Seating Plan 2013 04 23.xlsx

List of mentioned Ubisoft data

  1. a00-000-00_attack01_spidertank.mac
  2. a00-000-00_attack01_spidertank.markup
  3. a00-000-00_startpill_male_000f_norm_no…
  4. Actipro.Navigation.Wpf.xml
  5. assassination_brutalstabbing_push.bhvcat
  6. b00-000-00_ghost-mode_mplyr_000f_nor…
  7. bin.png
  8. bin2.png
  9. bin3.png
  10. c00-000-00_de-hack-during-endure-hac…
  11. CensusHumanDatabase.db
  12. char01_cap_CUSTOMISATION_d.png
  13. char01_cap_V2_n.png
  14. char01_coat_E3_n.png
  15. char07_logo_d_png
  16. char29_head_n.png
  17. char36_d.png
  18. d00-000-00_dog-interact-robot-excited_…
  19. d00-000-00_dog-interact-robot-sniff_wro
  20. det_dan_Logo_cclub_d.png
  21. det_dan_Logo_elfrijol_d.png
  22. dog_small_bulldog.AnimatedGeometry.n
  23. dog_small_bulldog.gamex
  24. dog_small_bulldog.xml
  25. dog_small_bulldog.xml.metadata
  26. engine.png
  27. gear_core_win64dlld.pdb
  28. MetadataService_CommunicationSystem
  29. WatchDogs_64.exe.manifest
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