Uber provided the USA information about 12 MILLION users

12 million Uber uses were compromised in 33 government requests to view the data which Uber holds. Uber has published this in their transparency report which can be found at their website.

They state that regulated transportation companies are forced to share information with government agencies;

Regulated transportation companies are required by law to provide certain information about their operations to local regulatory agencies. These agencies may request information about trips, trip requests, pickup and dropoff areas, fares, vehicles, and drivers in their jurisdictions for a given time period.

In the picture below, you can view the amount of requests which were made by government agencies in order to view the whereabouts of Uber drivers.

Uber taxi 1

The drivers/users which were affected were located in the following cities/states;

  • Austin
  • Burlington, VT
  • California
  • Chicago
  • Delaware
  • Des Moines
  • Houston, TX
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • New Orleans
  • NYC
  • North Dakota
  • Palm Beach County, FL
  • Pennsylvania
  • Portland
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle
  • Spokane
  • Tacoma
  • Virginia

In the following picture, you will see that 613 requests were made by government agencies in order to get a closer look at possible suspects which were using or providing the Uber taxi service.


Uber taxi 2

Uber stated that;

Uber receives law enforcement requests for information related to criminal investigations, and may provide information about specific trips, riders or drivers in response.

Read the official report here.

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