U.S., UK Plan ‘Cyber War Games’

The U.S., UK Plan ‘Cyber War Games’ has been published on January 16, 2015. and it researches the field of cyberwar. The cyberwar field is in a constant change and it is important to keep track on the changes that are taking place in the 5th domain. Authors and companies like Mathew J. Schwartz help this purpose.

U.S., UK Plan ‘Cyber War Games’

 The United States and Great Britain plan to hold “cyber war games” to increase cooperation between the two nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies and better defend the countries against online attacks. The move comes as France reveals that it has seen a massive spike in online attacks and defacements targeting French websites following the Paris massacre.


 U.S., UK Plan ‘Cyber War Games’


 Mathew J. Schwartz



Published on

 January 16, 2015.

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