U.S. & Israel Security Firm Unveil Identity of Iranian Cyber Espionage group Rocket Kitten

American and Israeli security firm Checkpoint have published 38-page report identifying specific details about alleged Iranian cyber espionage group Rocket Kitten.

According the report Iranian hackers tries to infect their victims by aggressive malware and phishing attacks and spear phishing attacks by emails , cyber espionage group used U.K. ,Germany and Netherlands internet infrastructures for hosting Command and Control servers operated from Iran.

The attackers were not satisfied with political and security goals, and took advantage of the situation to attack business ,holding companies and financial institutions in order to steal commercial and financial information.

Check Point Press Releases :

SAN CARLOS, CA — Mon, 09 Nov 2015
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), the largest pure-play security vendor globally, today published a 38-page report identifying specific details and broad analysis on cyber-espionage activity conducted by the group ‘Rocket Kitten,’ with possible ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The new report also reveals details of the group’s global operations and unique insight into more than 1,600 of their targets.

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