U.S. Cyber Attacks On China Timeline

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China’s Computer Emergency Response Team published detailed infographic of U.S. cyber-attacks against China based on an American software firm Symantec data and Chinese Internet Media Research Center “Academy of Cyber Space” report.

China’s State Internet Information in its report “ America’s Global Surveillance Record” accused US for cyber spying on the Chinese government and Chinese leaders, Chinese companies, scientific research institutes, ordinary netizens, and a large number of cell phone users. Cyber Space Academy spokesman said U.S is the biggest attacker of China’s cyber space.

China’s Computer Emergency Response Team “CNCERT” is China a National level CERT organization headquartered in Beijing, has 31 branch offices in China mainland, providing computer network security services and technical support in the handling of security incidents for Chinese national public networks, important national application systems and key organizations

Detailed data of US cyber-attacks against China from 2009 to 2014 outlined and compiled by CNCERT in following infographic.

china cert

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