U.K. Government Secure Intranet Administrator Account Hacked

The British Minister for Cabinet Office told in his speech at IA14, the government’s 2014 conference for cyber security and information assurance decision makers that an APT( Advanced Persistent Threat) attack took place on the secure intranet of the British government.

According to Francis Maude a state-sponsored hostile group gained access to a system administrator account on the Government Secure Intranet.

The British Minister told in his speech that cybersecurity requires technical innovation and entrepreneurial ambition, supported by skills and research, something that Britain has in abundance. The Minister stressed  in addition the growing opportunities that cyber technology offers.We cannot stop for a minute, we can always do more to protect us.

Part of Minister Maude speech;

Those who would do us harm have been busy over the past 2 years.

Perhaps the most high profile example was the recent attack on eBay. All it took was a small number of employee log-in details to be jeopardised for hackers to obtain the entire customer database. As a result 128 million people – equivalent to twice the population of Britain – had to change their passwords.