Two little creatures scam

If you are searching for the “two little creatures” picture or video, then I need to disappoint you. The two little creatures post which you have seen is a malicious Facebook click jacking virus which will try to collect likes, shares and clicks on the website which is hosting the “two little creatures” scam. The cyber criminals, hackers and scammers which are behind these type of environments are after money and control of your data or device.

They often claim that the user has to perform a couple of actions before the user will be able to view two little creatures video or picture, once the user has performed the actions which are demanded by the two little creatures scam, the user will be redirected to another website which will try to perform the same process again. (claiming that the user will need to perform some actions).

I have seen environments where the scammers or hackers use malware in the process of collecting clicks. They force the victim to install a (malicious) application by claiming that the victim is missing a codec to watch the video. Or they will simply use any other lame excuse.

Please stay aware of these type of scams. I Wish you the best of luck, while you surf the internet. Enjoy!

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