The Twitter Cyberwar on ISIS

You might have seen it, the ISIS army has leaked a shocking video which shows how a journalist is beheaded. The ISIS army claimed that it is a direct message to America.

It took a couple of hours, but the beheading video went viral on the internet. Various websites like Liveleak, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter were providing the video, of were linking back to the official video.

In a very short time window, the Twitter CEO stated that they will suspend each Twitter account which is providing links back to the ISIS video.

Twitter does not allow ISIS footage
Twitter does not allow ISIS footage

The security researcher Pieter Van Ostaeyen has kept a track of various ISIS Twitter Fighter accounts, and he claims that the ISIS accounts are being taken down in the dozens.

41 ISIS users suspended
41 ISIS users suspended

Now how is this a “cyberwar”. Well, the fact that a lot of people are supporting the “censorship” of the ISIS video, could be compared to an Anonymous Operation. The name for this operation could have been #opCensorISIS.

Thousands of Twitter uses united to act as a “watch dog” which kept track of the ISIS video shares and retweets.

Innocent casualties

Twitter immediatly suspended thousands of accounts, but in their act of suspending the accounts. There have been made some innocent casualties.

@Cyberwarzonecom suspended

Twitter has suspended the @Cyberwarzonecom account as we had “shared” the official video.

Our message to Twitter on this ban

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