Me, Myself and My TV that spies on me

Did you buy a TV which has WiFi, internet and various other options? Well Sir or Madam, enjoy your new piece of hardware which can be used by agencies and cybercriminals to spy on you. Each device which is capable of making a connection to the internet has the chance of being exploited and as the modern tv now all have advanced options like microphones and cameras it is more likely that hackers and agencies will target these devices.

Just imagine, you and your family are having a conversation about a holiday which you want to take in two weeks. Agencies and cybercriminals will be able to hear that conversation via the smartphones, tv’s or tablets in the area.

This would provide them information which they can use to take the following steps:

  • Enter your house when you are not there to install more spying equipment
  • Enter your house and steal everything when you are on your holiday
  • Sell the live broadcast on the Blackmarket <– very creepy thought

On the darknet there are a lot of creeps that are interested in live streams, now imagine that a criminal has turn your TV into a live streaming webcam which streams the events that take place in your house in the darknet.