Turkish cyberattack on Dutch companies after Erdogan speech

Hundreds of websites in the Netherlands got defaced by the hacking team PrivateHackers, it seems that they are driven by Turkish culture as they initiated the attack after the Turkish and Dutch incident took place.

The hackers left hundreds of websites defaced with the following text:

You dutchs think that we won’t do anything but you are wrong. We will never forget what you did against us. You may die one time but we born thousands time

The defacement also provides tribute to the following hacker nicknames:

  • St0rm
  • TheWayEnd
  • 0racle
  • Oguz
  • BlackBox
  • Adbes
  • VL
  • Antiochos
  • AloNEmANTR

To get a better view of what happened, we looked up the following video from Youtube. It gives you a view of what the current tensions are with some (note: not all) Turkish Dutch citizens and the government.

The hack was taken very serious, several company owners and websites owners filled a report at the Police station. Some victims of the hack were interviewed by the local TV stations.

Now do you think that the government should pay damage costs to the sites that got hit?

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