Turkey: The ISIS after effect – the rise of Turkish warriors

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Millions were shocked, when they heard of the attack and hundreds will have to continue their life without their loved ones. I am talking about the ISIS attack. The attack was carried out by cowards which only have one goal – to bring suffering to this world.

These ISIS cowards talk about an Islamic State but they are hurting the ones which would be happy to see a peaceful Islamic state.

So this is for all the people which are against ISIS. Cyberwarzone is supporting you. We never take sides, but in this particular case, we have decided to burn ISIS.

You are all invited to participate on the community, and certainly if you have some questions or news regarding to the topics we discuss on Cyberwarzone. ISIS has become one of them.

To give you a view, the attack of ISIS on Turkey have resulted in the following state of minds:

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Share this with people that should know this: