Travelers Booking Data Airbnb Shared with N.Y. State Attorney

World wide booking accommodations giant Airbnb published on its public policy page that last fall New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman demand for data and personal  information about thousands of Airbnb hosts in New York.

Airbnb operate in 192 countries with 600,000 plus listing world wide.

Booking company reached an agreement with the state’s attorney general to turn over thousands of New York users customers data,Airbnb will removing sensitive information users’ names, Social Security numbers, e-mail addresses, and apartment numbers.

New York agreement terms read from publication have following terms;

  • Airbnb will provide the Attorney General with anonymized data about our hosts in New York. This data will not include names, addresses or other personally-identifiable information.
  • The Attorney General’s Office will have one year to review the anonymized data and receive information from us about individual hosts who may be subject to further investigation. We believe the Attorney General’s Office is focused on large corporate property managers and hosts who take apartments off the market and disrupt communities. We have already removed more than 2,000 listings in New York and believe that many of the hosts the Attorney General is concerned about are no longer a part of Airbnb.
  • We will provide even more information to hosts about the laws in New York. Hosts will see additional information before they list their space and we’ll email every host in New York with information about the law.