Transform your picture with thousands of Emojicons

The alphabet is very important for us to be able to communicate, but did you know that we do not only use the characters in the alphabet to communicate?! In the last 20 years, there has been a rise in the use of emojicons. Emojicons can be used to express feelings and sometimes complete sentences.

The developer behind the emoji-mosaic tool on GitHub thought that it might be awesome to develop an tool which can transform each picture into a picture which has been build out of emojicons.

You can find some results of the emoji-mosaic tool below:

emoji3 emoji2 emoji1

If you want to try the tool for yourself. Then you will need to navigate to the emoji-mosaic tool page, and submit your picture. Please do note that it can take a while before the picture has been uploaded to the server. (1 minute maximum).

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