TOTAL has been hacked by AnonGhost: They supply Oil, natural gas and energy

Like I said in the previous post, it will not take long before the AnonGhost hackers will find high value targets.

The hacker Mauritania Attacker was inactive for a while and it seems that he has found his AnonGhost spirit again.

This time AnonGhost hacked the TOTAL subdomain and defaced it with the AnonGhost defacement html page.

Once you visit the defaced page, you will see a picture of the AnonGhost team. AnonGhost has been active in hacking Israeli websites and Oil and Gas companies in their #opPetrol operation.

One thing is sure. Now that Mauritania Attacker is back in the race, the hackers of AnonGhost will be able to target multiple and higher ranking websites.

Scan on hacked TOTAL page

Our target:

Title of Malicious page: Subdomain Total Petrol B0x3d By AnonGhost Team

The scan on has provided the following information:

Scan started on: 18-11-2014 20:35:09

The website is using the IP:

90533159520E4A431F6C776D208234E5 — MD5 value for domain —

631C55C475091FC23D5878C7B8ADABE8 — MD5 value for title Subdomain Total Petrol B0x3d By AnonGhost Team —

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