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Torrent guide: What is a Torrent

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You’ve probably heard a lot about downloading torrents, bittorrent and such, but what is bittorrent and torrent actually and how do you download a torrent? In this post we will explain exactly how this works. A Bittorrent is a system for exchanging peer-to-peer data. This system uses a central location (also called a tracker) that coordinates all downloading and uploading, but which does not itself deliver files. Downloading and uploading a torrent is actually the exchange of small pieces of files between different users of that system.

A tracker is therefore a server that connects different users of the same bittorrent system so that they can exchange files with each other. If you want to download a torrent via a client, you first need a .torrent file. This file contains small information about the torrent. Such as where we can find the tracker of that torrent, how large the torrent is and the like. Once we are connected to a tracker, it will check for us how many users have already fully downloaded the file that you want to download or are still working on it.

Torrent peers, seeders and leechers

All the users who are currently uploading or downloading the file are called peers. Those who have fully downloaded the file but are still uploading are called seeders, those who are still downloading are called leechers.

So if you start downloading a file, you will also automatically upload pieces of this file to other users who do not yet have that particular piece. Usually, the more seeders you have, the faster your file will be downloaded. Because you not only download from 1 single peer but from several at the same time.

For those who download a certain file via a client, space is immediately made on the hard disk for the total size of your file. If you gradually download more and more pieces from other peers, the missing pieces will be entered in this file.

Sharing and uploading torrents

Once your torrent has been fully received, it will be appreciated if you do not immediately switch off the torrent but continue to upload it. This way the other peers can also have done their download faster. A good ratio is 1: 1. This means that you seed as much data as you downloaded yourself. The less your ratio is, the more you actually benefit from the other bandwidth without giving anything back.

What can you now download via a bittorrent? Of course you have a lot of illegal things but you also have legal torrents. Such as various free programs or the Kali Linux operating system that can always be downloaded for free.

Where can you now download torrent files? There are different types of torrent sites. The one where you can upload .torrent files yourself and the one who simply links to all torrent files on other sites.

You can also just search in Google. For example, if you want to download the latest Kali Linux version via torrent, look for: Kali Linux torrent.

Share this with people that should know this: