Tor Astoria – Use this tool to stop the NSA and GCHQ from spying on you

Security researchers have designed a tool which allows people to reduce the chance of using a vulnerable/malicious TOR connection from 58 percent to 5.8 percent. The security researchers state that the TOR Astoria tool has been designed to beat asymmetric correlation attacks on TOR.

Tor Astoria has been designed and developed by American and Israeli researchers and it has been designed to provide an method to TOR users to eliminate autonomous systems which try to reveal their identity.

The Tor Astoria article on dailydot explains that timed attacks will always be a threat to the TOR environment, but they also explain the following:

Defeating timing attacks against Tor completely isn’t possible because of how Tor is built, but making the attacks more costly and less likely to succeed is a pastime that Tor developers have dedicated a decade to. Astoria follows in those footsteps.

The security researchers have also thought about worst case scenarios and they have build an algorithm for the TOR Astoria tool which automatically checks for the best route to take when no safe relays are available.