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5 Must Use Top SEO Tools for Analyzing Your Website

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered to be one of the most important parts of Digital marketing that involves enhancing and ranking of the website at high positions on the search engine. Controlling the SEO can be difficult, especially when one has just started out. But, we are lucky to get several SEO tools across the internet which helps the user in achieving and tracking his or her objectives.

Top 5 SEO tools: 

SEO helps the internet users by creating valuable, high informational and user- friendly content. Nowadays, several SEO services are also available, who with their expertise and professional team helps in website enhancement. The top 5 SEO tools are as follows: 


One of the most popular and recommended tools online is Ahrefs, an easy-to-use tool. The tools not only help in the growth of the search traffic of the user but also researches about the competitors and helps in monitoring the user’s niche.

Ahref provides a feature known as the Site Audit feature that enables the user to highlight the improvement required parts of the website. As sneaking becomes easier, launching one own’s brand becomes easier.


According to the Interactive Marketing Awards 2019, SEMRush is the best digital tool. The tool helps in organic researches, keyword researches, site auditing, Ad Building, Display Advertising, tracking social media, competitive researches, traffic analysis, reporting and management and many more.

The in-depth analysis helps the user to compare the website with the competitors. The keywords and domains that the user is trying to rank for can also be compared. SEMRush has the on-page SEO checker tool that helps in monitoring the user’s ranking and also comes with certain recommendations that help in website improvement.

Google Search Console: 

The Google search console SEO tool helps the user by improving the performance on Google Search. The performance and the search traffic of the site can be measure using these tools. The search analytics of the tools helps in optimizing the content. If Google identifies any issues on a site, it immediately, email alerts the user.

So, one can easily look at the particular URLs which is affected because of these issues. The most highlighted feature is its URL Inspection tool provides information about the pages, from the Google index directly.


KWFinder is an easy-to-use powerful tool that helps in finding a keyword with exact search volumes, which the user can easily rank for. It provides a great mixture of both advanced and simple data so that both experienced and newbies can use it efficiently.

Hot topics and seasonal keywords are easy to identify, hence boosts the website’s organic traffic. Approximately 52,000 locations are supported, 2.5 billion related keywords are there, and about 100 million competitor keywords are there.

Yoast SEO: 

It is one of the best free SEO tools available online. The several uses of the tools are to generate sitemaps, optimize contents and Meta-tags. The user- friendly tools also help in optimization of description, URL, title and many more.

The most advanced XML sitemaps functionalities have been used, which allows the users to have full control over the site breadcrumbs.


The SEO tools only help in the optimization of a website for the search engines and these tools are available, but, what really creates a difference is the effort like redesigning, rewriting the previous copies and creating unique content, that the user gives to make the website greatest.

To get the best from these SEO tools, effective work needs to be put in. To stay one step ahead in the competition one needs to search for the best SEO tools for analyzing the competitors. In order to understand which is the perfect tool; one will have to try all these tools.

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