Top Cyber security jobs

If you are searching for a cyber security employer, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the options of jobs in the cyber security field, and we will provide you a list of cyber security vacancies. The vacancies that you can find in the cyber security industry are often worldwide.

It is really up to you where you want to work. If you like to travel, then consulting work might be the right choice for you, but if you like to work from home then it might be interesting to take a step into the world of a cyber security penetration tester.

The beautiful thing of cyber security jobs is the fact that each day you will be challenged with new challenges, your employer has a vision and you are helping your employer in achieving that vision. This literally means that often you are helping to build a more secure society for the future.

Cyber Security Jobs

We have crafted a list of cyber security jobs that are in high demand. Each employee that has a job in the list is earning amazing money and is likely enjoying the daily security challenges that are brought.

Cyber security jobs list:

  1. Security auditor
  2. Security analyst
  3. Chief information security officer
  4. Security consultant
  5. Security engineer
  6. Security architect
  7. Incident responder
  8. Computer forensics expert
  9. Penetration tester
  10. Security software developer

The jobs above all request from you a passion for cyber security and a good understanding of what the various components in (physical)systems mean. Your main responsibility is to ensure that the client can safely continue their business and that the products which are manufactured or developed are secure against (future) security threats.

It is often requested that you can easily make contact with different levels in the security field and that you are capable of collective thinking, from this point you work together on the information security and quality of the products and services. The chance is also there that with some jobs you will have to help entrepreneurs who are confronted with complex and ever changing regulations.

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