Top 8 reasons to stop following YourAnonNews and AnonHQ

I remember the 5th of November. It was a day that allowed each person to become the person which they wanted to be. This is the same idea for Anonymous. You can join, leave and infiltrate Anonymous environments within seconds. The only thing you will need is an active social media account.

Now what do we do when an Anonymous idea becomes an organization like YourAnonNews and AnonHQ? We stop supporting the organization. These organizations have goals which will only benefit their own organization – and if we think about the average members of the Anonymous collective, we will see that a lot of them are young people within the age of 14 to 26.

Message on the YourAnonNews website


The YourAnonNews Twitter account has been one of the best known and loudest voices of the Anonymous collective, but it is the same account (group of people) which allowed 35000 dollars to disappear. The 350000 dollar was provided to the Anonymous collective via donations.

The Ibtimes commented the following about the YourAnonNews money case:

There were questions raised at the time about the logic of donating money to a project which was so ill-defined – and over a year later those concerns look to have been validated.

The same goes for the AnonHQ website which starts looking like the beforeitsnews news website. A lot of false information is left on the AnonHQ website.

Now let’s take a look on how Anonymous was founded

The Anonymous collective was an idea of various 4chan members that decided to perform activist activities on the internet. Tada, Anonymous was born.

The top 8 reasons to stop following these accounts

If you want to DDoS the website, go ahead. You will be just like those Charlie Hebdo terrorists 😉

Here are my top 10 reasons to stop following YourAnonNews and AnonHQ:

  1. Fake information is copied and pasted on the AnonHQ website.
  2. The AnonHQ website and the YourAnonNews twitter account are controlled by people which are not identified.
  3. The supporters of the AnonHQ website and the YourAnonNews Twitter account are donating money to an organization and not an hacktivist collective and there is no direct view on who is receiving the donated money.
  4. They are known for making big fuck ups – 35000 dollar missing.
  5. Since 2013 there has not been an Anonymous operation by YourAnonNews that had a (direct) influence and that is something which activist and hacktivists want?!
  6. The YourAnonNews collective claims to be able to stop various online hacking groups but they never get a clear result (victory).
  7. Numbers do not count, the mentioned Anonymous collectives claim to have a big reach but they are not using it optimal.
  8. The mentioned Anonymous collectives hunt down heavy-criminals and that often results in direct threats to unaware Anonymous members.

Why to keep following the Anonymous collective

Now there are some Anonymous collectives on the internet which are performing great actions. For example we have the Anonymous Srbija collective on Facebook which is providing the best and the latest news on hacktivism, hacking, general (cyber) security and Anonymous operations.

Then we have the Anonymous Malaysia collective on Facebook which is doing the same like the Anonymous Srbija collective. There are enough reasons to keep supporting Anonymous, but stop supporting organizations which claim to be an “Anonymous collective”. Once money is being made, you are dealing with an organization.

If you disagree, leave a comment. 

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