Top 8 reasons to stop following YourAnonNews and AnonHQ

I remember the 5th of November. It was a day that allowed each person to become the person which they wanted to be. This is the same idea for Anonymous. You can join, leave and infiltrate Anonymous environments within seconds. The only thing you will need is an active social media account.

Now what do we do when an Anonymous idea becomes an organization like YourAnonNews and AnonHQ? We stop supporting the organization. These organizations have goals which will only benefit their own organization – and if we think about the average members of the Anonymous collective, we will see that a lot of them are young people within the age of 14 to 26.

Message on the YourAnonNews website


The YourAnonNews Twitter account has been one of the best known and loudest voices of the Anonymous collective, but it is the same account (group of people) which allowed 35000 dollars to disappear. The 350000 dollar was provided to the Anonymous collective via donations.

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  1. Nice info. The fact that no one is required to log in to post a comment proves you are legit. Any other sites you can recommend?

  2. Say what you will Anonhq doesn’t censor comments the way Greenwald’s site does. They were supposed to represent truth and democray but have a censorship policy indiscriminate from Pravda’s. Comments that don’t toe the line at Greenwald’s site are vaporised like so many disappeared dissidents. What hypocrisy!

  3. “Anonymous Srbija collective on Facebook” dude, you’re an idiot. That website is written totally in some Serb language. Not in English. No one will be able to follow it in the U.S.

  4. I won’t follow any site that sells tshirts and has those shitty “5 tricks to stop headaches” links at the bottom.

  5. Interesting observation, all of you. Yet, they can still ruin your life with a single press of a computer key. You all may think that Anonymous is pathetic, fake, corrupt, but they won’t ignore insults. Don’t piss off the wrong people. You can’t afford to speak your mind anymore. No matter your human rights.

  6. don’t forget @Anonymous-Belgian-Hackers is also a top notch source for hacking and videos on facebook in English or Dutch (i own it,srr for the shameless plug) We are also on IRC and

  7. They’re just clickbait exploiting the romanticization of hacktivism, they’re not really Anonymous.

  8. Acceptable, I’ve followed them for a while theyve just said eyewash, they r against of USA and that’s the problem,

  9. Stop watching a news source when it lies , finds out it lied , and doesn’t retract the false statement . Nothing anybody says is 100% truth , just because we don’t know who they are doesn’t mean they are lying any more than Dan Rather telling the truth because we all know who he is . This article is wrong about how Anonymous formed , and it wasn’t online ,it was at a protest why do you think the mask came into play ? The idea to call it Anonymous was from 4-Chan but the power was realized when thousand of people showed up at 5 protests worldwide . I wasn’t even mad at the Church of Scientology for the same reason as everyone else , I could have cared less about Tom Cruise , and him making an ass out of himself and taking it off the net(although I was on they’re side on this).If you don’t support some of Anonymous ‘s faction’s OK but don’t make up your mind because some publication says so

  10. More Anonymous members need to be supporting each other. Another really good group is @anonsforever They always have great content. I will check out the channel above and like it. Please do the same for this one. Johan Museeuw, if you are interested in promoting your can do so on this Anonymous website. This website is for all anonymous members. They were also working on a forum. Not sure if it is done though. I think the forum is at

  11. I have been reading the above posts and agree with the large majority. Anonhq needs no discussion …if they claim to be headquarters they are not one of us. I also noticed someone say “Anonymous is not on Facebook or Twitter.” This is not correct. It is true, many of us chose not to be on social network for a large variety of reasons. However, some of us in the group chose to create accounts also for a variety of reasons. For the most part there is a large majority of fakes on social media but you do come by a few “real anons” from time to time. Meeting them and potentially adding them to our team makes being on social network worth it. We created for a few reasons. First to spread awareness and also to bring Anons together. That is another issue…so many of us but most lack the will or the want to work together. We also created our own little social media network (The Anonymous Network) We did this to have a place where we would not be censored like we are on Facebook. There are no T-shirts (or anything else) sold on our website. All are welcome on the network. We would appreciate your support. Just a note…if you think none of the “incredible hackers” you hear about in the news are not on social network…you are wrong. We don’t go around with a billboard saying we are anonymous

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