The top 6 Bitcoin exchanges

With Bitcoins shopping has become more convenient and safe. So it’s not strange that more and more people are interested in it. Bitcoin or ALTcoin are not limited by country borders and transactions can take place within minutes.

One of the ways you can get Bitcoins is to buy them through a Bitcoin Exchange website. There are some exchanges and we have listed a couple of Bitcoin exchanges that you need to check out.

Bitcoins exchange

At BTCDirect, they engage in and sell different Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins. Once the website is open, you’ll see immediately what the Bitcoin rate is at that moment, which is very useful.

You can buy Bitcoins for the lowest rates and you do that by using a payment option that you trust. Payment can be made via iDeal, Bank Transfer or Mastercard. Selling is also very easy and takes place within minutes. You fill in how many Bitcoins you want to sell and you immediately get an indication of how much you can get for them. You then enter your account details and get a unique Bitcoin wallet address, where you can send the Bitcoins.

Once your transaction is shown on the network, the Bitcoins are sold and you get your money.

To be paid out, they use a 1% all-in-fee that is immediately settled in the indication you receive from them.

In the future, they will expand their service with offline storage so that your Bitcoins are protected from burglary.

Additionally, you’ll get tips for creating a Bitcoin Wallet and how to protect it. Everything I’ve described here can also be followed by video which is provided on their website

BTCDirect is very user-friendly and their customer service is what the essence needs. People will quickly learn to handle it and it is ideal for people who do not want to do to Mining and still want to use Bitcoins.


Cryptopay also offers more than just the purchase and sale of Bitcoins. You register within minutes and your account is ready for use.

You can send money all over the world. As long as there is an internet connection there, it is possible. Everything is done in a safe way.

They also help you set up your Bitcoin wallet. You can safely store your Bitcoins in a FLEX account. The deposit and shipping of the coins is free and happens very quickly.

You can also get a Bitcoin Credit Card from them. To that end, they take a small commission.

The Credit Card can be used all over the world and can be used anywhere where Visa is accepted. If money has been deposited on your account, you can easily get it through ATM.

Cryptopay can help you accept your webshop Bitcoins as a means of payment for a very low amount. It cannot be fraudulent and is internationally useful.

You can also earn a bit as a Partner. Tell your family and friends about Cryptopay and get coins when they make use of it. They also get a 25% discount, so there is benefit here for everyone.


The next Bitcoin exchange website is called Spectrocoin and helps you with everything. From explaining what Bitcoins actually are to settling Bitcoin as a means of payment for your webshop.