Top 5 sites that will teach you how to hack a website

These websites will teach you how to hack a website, and the best part of it, they can also teach you a lot more hacking techniques.

If you want to learn how to hack just so you know how to, I have no problems with it, but if you want to learn how to hack, so you can illegally hack websites, I strongly oblige you to think about it twice – the chance of getting caught is very small, but once you get targeted by government agencies – you will be @!#!#.

Only use these sources to expand your knowledge so you can do good.


Youtube is the perfect source to learn how to hack a website step by step. Hackers and security professionals upload tutorials and proof of concepts, and all these videos can teach you how to hack a website. The most awesome part of this is the fact that you can also see which steps the hacker takes.

Just try to search google for some simple hacking techniques like, brute forcing, social engineering, cross site scripting and SQL injection.


The OWASP site is a must check site if you are new to hacking, this site contains all types of documents, tutorials and videos on hacking, and the most awesome part of the project is that they focus on website security. You can learn which vulnerabilities are common and which methods of attack you should use once you want to hack a website.


Securitytube hacking video tutorials

If you want to get the best security tutorials and hacking guides from YouTube, the best thing you can do is try out the site Securitytube, the owner behind this massive project has collected thousands of security videos. The videos have been categorized and they are all free. It is a great source to watch security videos directly.


If you want to train yourself, you can always use the project, this project states that they focus on providing a legal training ground for hackers. It is the perfect place for hackers to test and expand their website hacking skills.

Hack This Site is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their hacking skills. More than just another hacker wargames site, we are a living, breathing community with many active projects in development, with a vast selection of hacking articles and a huge forum where users can discuss hacking, network security, and just about everything. Tune in to the hacker underground and get involved with the project.

The hackthissite website does require you to register, and as you can expect, there are rules that need to be followed.

The site provides training on the following topics;

  • Application hacking
  • Programming challenges
  • Phonepreaking challenges
  • Javascript challenges
  • Forensic challenges
  • Stego challenges
  • IRC challenges


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