Top 5 of the most used cyber security tools

Each security expert will have a set of cyber security tools which will help him to audit an environment. We have made a top 5 list of the best cyber security tools which you can include in your basic cyber security set.

The tools which are selected in this list are tools which can be used and downloaded for free. If someone demands you to pay money for the tools, then you are propably getting scammed. Each security expert will need to follow a couple of steps before they will be fully setup to perform their security audit.

They will need to make a choice in the tooling which they are going to use to penetrate their audit.

They make a selection by following this list:

  • Scanning tool
  • A tool to find vulnerabilities
  • A tool to exploit the vulnerabilities
  • A tool to report the vulnerabilities

As you can see in the list above, we will need to start with a scanning tool which can be equipted in the basic tooling. We choose the NMAP tool as the best scanning tool as it is capable of scanning several protocols. There is also a windows version named Zenmap. The Zenmap version includes a graphical user interface.

The next tool which is included in the basic package is the Metasploit framework. This metasploit can be used from a live cd like the Kali Linux distribution. Here you will find a perfect setup on how to setup a Kali Linux environment.

The Metasploit environment can also be used to exploit the found vulnerabilities. The package Armitage provides a GUI to exploit vulnerabilities. The final tool which needs to be included is a document editor by your own choice. You could use the openoffice solution as it is free.


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