Top 5 Hacking services

In the field of ethical hacking, there are many hacking services that can be provided. In this post, we will discuss the top 5 hacking services that are in the market.

The hacking services that are listed here, are services which you can purchase from penetration testing companies. In the ‘Learn how to hire a hacker’ we have taken a deep dive into what you need to know, before you hire a hacker to hack your target.

Top 5 hacking services

Most of the cyber security companies that provide a wide range of services are capable of providing you at least one of the items mentioned in the top 5 hacking services list.

The hacking services in short:

  1. Website audits
  2. Website penetration tests
  3. Source code review
  4. Physical penetration test
  5. Phishing tests

Website audit

This is a straight forward package, which often is automated. In this package, you request the hacker to take a look at your website and audit it for vulnerabilities, bugs and data that should not be online. After the audit, the hacker, will provide you a report which points out items that require your interest. The chance is also there that the hacker will say that nothing has been found. This does not mean that you are secure, but it means that a trusted third-party was not able to find anything. In these cases, you can always ask a different company to perform a website audit.

Website penetration test

The website penetration test is the additional package you can get on the website audit. In this package, the audit will be performed, but the hacker will also try to exploit the found vulnerabilities. This literally means, that the hacker will try to get into the targeted environment or will try to obtain something.

Source code review

Software is written by people and people make mistakes. This is also why the functionalities that the software offers must be tested manually and / or automatically before it is put into use. Nowadays, testing software in this way is self-evident.

Strangely enough, the development team also tests the software written by them by means of code reviews.

Code review is nothing more than testing written software. The testing of this software is done by developers who read and rate each other’s programming code. When this happens before the software is delivered for testing, the most obvious errors are found and corrected. The written software will be of a higher quality after conducting code reviews.

Now we can argue that it might be wise to allow a trusted third-party to review your code for vulnerabilities. See it as an additional check.

Physical penetration test (Mystery guest)

Now this is real fun, you can hire a hacker which will perform a physical penetration test. This means that the hacker will try to get into the environment and obtain the designated target. This can for example be, to challenge the hacker to enter a highly secured environment. This penetration test results in a nice report that details the weak and strong spots of the setup security perimeters.

Phishing test

You can also hire a hacker to perform a phishing test on employees or the designated targets. This package means that the hacker will setup a fake environment, let’s say, the official login page of the company, and it will try to lure employees by phishing attacks to the fake environment. This can be done via e-mail, phone, web, fax, delivery person and let’s not forget in person by the use of social engineering.

But there are way more services

Trust me when I say that there is a wide range of services that security companies can provide. Just do a simple search on google for penetration testing services or read the ‘How to hire a hacker guide’ for full details on which steps you need to take to find the best hacking services.

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