Top 5 Android Security Apps 2015 [Free Download]

You can download all these applications for FREE via the Official Google Store

The Google Store provides various Android applications which are free or paid, the free Android applications are often downloaded by thousands or millions of Android users. The Google Store holds over 1000+ Android applications and not all of them are safe.

For that reason, various programmers around the world have decided to publish Android Security applications for people which want to protect their privacy, data and device against unwanted actions.

Cybercriminals and hackers often hide malicious code in Android applications and Windows software products which look genuine. The Top 5 Android Security Applications which have been listed in this post will provide an extra security layer to your Android device.


Before we start

Before we start to take a look at the top 5 Android Security Applications, there are some steps which you need to perform, before the Top 5 Android Security applications will have any effect.

The chance is there that you might have followed some online tutorials which explained that you need to enable the developer function in the Android device. I strongly recommend you to disable the developer function in your Android device if you are not using it for specific goals.

  • Disable Android Developer function in the Android Settings tap

The next step is to make sure that our Android device is updated with the latest patches and updates. The patches and updates are needed for the Android device to run smoothly, the patches will fix known mistakes in codes and the updates will provide extra or smart functions to your Android device.

  • Update your Android device

Now we are going to take a look at the Top 5 Android Security applications which you can use to improve the security status of your Android device and your privacy.


#1 CM Security

The Cheetah Mobile security application CM Security is a free antivirus solution which is perfectly designed for Android devices.

The CM Security application is a light, fast and secure application which runs as a service on your Android device. The CM Security application has support for various languages and it is pretty straight forward.

CM Security for Android
CM Security for Android

The CM Security Android application also warns the user (you) if a Phishing/Malicious SMS has been received. The CM Security Android application is a must have for each Android device user.


#2 Applock

The Applock application has been designed with the idea to allow the user to lock their installated applications with a password. The application is perfect for users which lend their device to their friends, families, brothers and sisters.

The user is always certain that only specific applications will run without the permission of the user. The Applock protected applications will not be able to run without the right permissions which are granted via the main device user.

Applock Screen
Applock Screen