The top 3 most viewed Anonymous videos of the year 2014

Anonymous has had a wild year. Once again they were able to perform deeds which shocked the world. We have decided to take a look at the most viewed “Anonymous hacktivist” videos which were uploaded on Youtube this year. The Anonymous videos have been collected and listed so we will be able to take a look at the Anonymous operations which went viral.

Anonymous and Barack Obama

The video Anonymous message to Barack Obama: Do you see what we see has been viewed 2.5 million times and it has been uploaded by the Anonymous youtube account.

Anonymous #opFerguson

The Ferguson incident has awakened thousands of people. The Anonymous hacking collective has joined the fight in Ferguson, and with that fight they have published an video on the Youtube social video network.

The video contains the transcript of the video. As always, the video starts with the well known message:

Greetings world, we are Anonymous.

On August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri the 17 year old and unarmed Mike Brown was shot several times and killed by an officer of the Ferguson Police Department. His body was left to lie in a pool of blood in the sweltering heat for hours while 15 police departments militarized the area against protesters, sealed the roads leading to Ferguson in a vain attempt to prevent protesters from reaching the city. The police has clearly crossed a line in the sand.

Anonymous – The real reason why the Malaysian Airline MH 370 disappeared

Another video which had gone viral is the “Malaysian Airline MH370” Anonymous video which claims that Jacob Rothschild is fully responsible for the MH 370 dissapearing.

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