Top 3 Social media used by cybercriminals

Today we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and several other social media networks that are being used by the wide internet users. With the use of social media you can share your messages with your social relationships. Worldwide users gather on these social networks to share personal information.


Facebook is a social media website that has been launched in 2004. As of July 2011 Facebook had over 800million active users. These 800million users are all potential targets by cybercriminals that would love to get a penny out of them. Cybercriminals use multiple methods to achieve their goals via Facebook. Cybercriminals sell your credentials by using phishing tactics to gain your credentials. These criminals then sell your credentials packed in a 1000 user package for just 25 dollar. Facebook made an page to help you defend yourself against phishing attacks.  But what happens is that cybercriminals adapt to the security and come with a new way to obtain your credentials.  This website described 4 ways to hack facebook passwords.



LinkedIn is a business related social networking site. LinkedIn has been founded in December 2002 and was launched in May 2003. It is mainly used for professional networking.
As of 4 August 2011 LinkedIn has over 120million registered users.

Here you will see the same moves that criminals take to obtain information. They widely use phishing emails to gather information. The criminals can simply add you to their network and start collecting information. In this article you can read how LinkedIn is targeted by spammers and bots. There are lots of vulnerabilities in the human mind. We are the weakest link in security. The most of us use the same password for each application that we have.


Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to post messages to the world. Twitter was designed in 2006 and was launched in July. The service rapidly gained popularity with over 300million users as of 2011.
You could see twitter as the SMS service of the internet.
Cybercriminals have been targeting Twitter like they have been targeting blog websites. They continuously tweet malicious messages. You can get a message where it stands that the Twitter user has found a nice picture of you on the internet. At the moment you click on the link you are infected.

These twitter criminals use link shorteners to hide the malicious url. Symantec published a blog about how criminals use URL shortening services to link to compromised sites.

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