Top 25 Open Source Cyber Security Tools

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Open-source cybersecurity tools are vital in combating digital threats. To keep you ahead in this rapidly evolving domain, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the top 26 tools. Bolster your cyber defenses with these robust and cutting-edge resources.

Top 26 Open Source Cyber Security Tools


Zeek is an open-source network security monitoring tool. It goes beyond mere detection, offering rich, high-level, protocol-specific network metadata. By leveraging Zeek, you can effortlessly transform raw network traffic into comprehensive logs, primed for in-depth analysis.


Meet ClamAV, the go-to open-source antivirus engine for identifying Trojans, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats. With its robust capabilities, ClamAV ensures a clean and secure environment, safeguarding your digital realm from insidious software.


In the realm of open-source vulnerability scanners, OpenVAS shines brightly. This remarkable tool boasts an extensive database of vulnerabilities, readily available for scanning your system. With OpenVAS, you gain an indispensable ally in fortifying your digital fortress, leaving no potential weaknesses undiscovered.


When cybersecurity incidents strike, TheHive takes the center stage. This scalable, open-source Security Incident Response Platform offers a streamlined and efficient approach to incident response. With TheHive at your side, no threat goes unnoticed or unaddressed, empowering you to combat and neutralize potential risks.


Looking for a comprehensive security appliance that encompasses firewall, VPN, and router functionalities? Look no further than PFsense. This trusted open-source tool is a cornerstone of secure network infrastructure, keeping nefarious entities at bay and ensuring the confidentiality of your invaluable data.


Enter Elastic, an open-source powerhouse renowned for its powerful analytics capabilities. Particularly within the cybersecurity domain, Elastic excels in log analysis, diligently scrutinizing every byte of data to swiftly flag anomalies and suspicious activities that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Osquery stands as a unique tool that exposes an operating system as a high-performance relational database. Its groundbreaking approach allows you to tap into operating system data through SQL-based queries, offering deep visibility into endpoints and facilitating comprehensive exploration.


Formerly known as Moloch, Arkime is an open-source, large-scale packet capture and search tool. Armed with Arkime, analysts gain unprecedented visibility into network traffic, enabling them to delve into historical data for meticulous incident investigations and insightful threat analysis.


Integrating Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities, Wazuh presents a comprehensive security solution. This open-source tool delivers robust threat detection, efficient incident response, and streamlined compliance management, all wrapped up in a single, unified package.

Alien Vault OSSIM

Alien Vault OSSIM emerges as a remarkable open-source SIEM tool, offering event collection, normalization, and correlation. By leveraging its unified platform, you can proactively monitor and analyze security events, effectively staying one step ahead of potential threats in an ever-evolving landscape.


When it comes to digital forensics and incident response (IR), Velociraptor takes the stage. This invaluable tool empowers investigators with the ability to collect extensive data from digital environments, providing swift and effective incident response to safeguard your digital assets.

MISP Project

The MISP Project is an open-source platform revolutionizing the sharing, storage, and correlation of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), threat intelligence, and security-related information. Born out of frustration with inefficient IOC sharing, MISP has evolved into a thriving community-led initiative, promoting streamlined threat intelligence sharing and documentation.

Kali Linux

A beloved choice among penetration testers, Kali Linux stands as a security-focused operating system. Packed with a pre-installed arsenal of hundreds of tools for penetration testing, ethical hacking, and digital forensics, Kali Linux has become the go-to destination for all things related to offensive security.

Parrot OS

Designed with privacy, development, and cybersecurity in mind, Parrot OS emerges as another formidable Security OS. Like its counterpart Kali, Parrot OS comes equipped with a vast array of pre-loaded tools, serving as an invaluable ally in the ceaseless battle against cyber threats.


OpenIAM offers a robust Identity Access Management (IAM) solution, bolstering your system’s security. With features such as single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and password policy enforcement, OpenIAM ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to your critical systems, safeguarding against unauthorized entry.


Referred to as the “pattern-matching Swiss knife for malware researchers,” Yara plays a crucial role in identifying and classifying malware samples. By creating descriptions of malware families based on textual or binary patterns, Yara empowers researchers in their tireless pursuit of uncovering and combating malicious software.


WireGuard represents a modern and fast VPN solution, leveraging state-of-the-art cryptography. Unlike traditional VPNs, WireGuard aims for ease of use and manageability while delivering superior security. Its simplicity, coupled with robust cryptography, ensures a safer and more efficient VPN experience.


When it comes to host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS), OSSEC reigns supreme. This open-source tool provides a comprehensive, multi-platform solution for monitoring and analyzing system behavior, effectively detecting and combating malicious activities.


Suricata, an open-source network threat detection engine, proves its mettle with real-time intrusion detection (IDS), inline intrusion prevention (IPS), network security monitoring (NSM), and offline pcap processing. With its ability to identify and block threats in real-time, Suricata serves as a vital component in any proactive cybersecurity strategy.


Enter Shuffler, a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that streamlines security workflows. By automating incident response tasks, Shuffler enhances the efficiency of security teams, reducing response times and improving overall incident management.

Phish Report

Phish Report comes to the rescue in the ongoing battle against phishing attacks. This open-source tool offers a simple yet effective means to report phishing websites, contributing to the global efforts aimed at creating a safer online environment.


In the realm of log management and analysis, Graylog emerges as a reliable open-source tool. It empowers organizations to collect, index, and analyze structured and unstructured data from diverse sources. With Graylog, incident detection and response become faster and more effective, as every action within your network leaves a trace.


Trivy, a simple yet comprehensive vulnerability scanner, caters specifically to containers and DevOps. With its ability to detect vulnerabilities in OS packages, application dependencies, and even Infrastructure as Code (IaC) files, Trivy stands as the most popular open-source security scanner. Its reliability, speed, and ease of use have made it a trusted choice for security professionals.


OpenEDR presents an open-source tool focused on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Equipped with continuous monitoring, data recording, and automated threat detection capabilities, OpenEDR serves as a robust solution for managing endpoint security.


Widely acclaimed as the epitome of penetration testing tools, Metasploit provides a comprehensive infrastructure for conducting thorough and effective penetration tests. Boasting an extensive collection of exploits and payloads, Metasploit remains an indispensable asset for security professionals.


Despite its age, NMAP continues to be an essential tool for network exploration and security auditing. This open-source gem offers a range of functionalities, including host discovery, port scanning, version detection, and scriptable interaction with target systems.

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