Top 10 Power Players in Attack Surface Management (ASM)

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If you are a cybersecurity professional, then you must have heard of Attack Surface Management (ASM). It’s a critical part of any robust cybersecurity strategy, providing insight into the potential vulnerabilities an organization is exposed to. But, as with any complex process, tools can help streamline and optimize this work.

In this article, we’ll share the top 10 tools that enhance Attack Surface Management. So buckle up, and let’s explore this toolbox together!


Xpanse is a comprehensive ASM tool that provides full visibility into an organization’s attack surface. It identifies and tracks all internet-facing assets, helping businesses understand and reduce their exposure to cyber threats.

Company founded inSan Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Xpanse ASM details


RiskIQ’s digital threat management platform is a must-have for any cybersecurity team. It excels in ASM by providing external threat intelligence, digital footprint tracking, and event-driven security.

Company founded inSan Francisco, California, U.S.
RiskIQ ASM details


CyCognito takes ASM to another level with its path-breaking approach to identifying, prioritizing, and eliminating externally-exposed risks.

Company founded inPalo Alto, California, United States
CyCognito ASM details


UpGuard provides a robust platform for risk and compliance management, with a specific focus on ASM. It helps organizations control their cyber risk and improve their resilience.

Company founded inSan Francisco, California, United States
UpGuard ASM details


Tenable’s Cyber Exposure platform offers a range of tools for managing and reducing an organization’s attack surface. It provides full visibility and actionable insight to address critical vulnerabilities.

Company founded inColumbia, Maryland , United States of America

Tenable ASM details


Rapid7’s Insight platform offers a suite of vulnerability management and analytics tools that are particularly useful for ASM, helping businesses identify and mitigate risks across their entire ecosystem.

Company founded inBoston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Rapid7 ASM details


BitSight offers security ratings that help organizations manage their attack surface effectively. It’s a trusted tool for third-party risk management and cyber insurance underwriting.

Company founded inBoston, Massachusetts, United States of America
BitSight ASM details

Recorded Future

Recorded Future delivers real-time threat intelligence, a critical component for effective ASM. It helps businesses anticipate threats before they become a problem.

Company founded inSomerville, Massachusetts, United States of America
Recorded Future ASM details

Skybox Security

Skybox Security’s platform offers a suite of cybersecurity management tools, including effective solutions for ASM. It provides comprehensive vulnerability and threat management capabilities.

Company founded inSan Jose, California, United States of America
Skybox Security ASM details


Balbix’s breach avoidance platform uses AI to predict and proactively mitigate risks, making it an effective tool for ASM.

Company founded inSan Jose, California, United States of America
Balbix ASM details

These tools are changing the game in Attack Surface Management, providing organizations with the necessary capabilities to proactively manage and reduce their attack surface. While no tool can entirely eliminate risk, these can undoubtedly make the task more manageable. Remember, knowledge is power, and in the world of cybersecurity, it can be your best defense!

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