Toll Group systems hacked again

If you are searching about the history of the hacks on Toll Group Systems, then you are at the right place. Toll Group Systems has been breached twice so far this year.

The first time, they were hit by a Russian cybercrime organisation, and now they have been hit by a new ransomware attack.

Toll Group Systems made the following statements in regards to this new ransomware attack they are experiencing:

“This is unrelated to the ransomware incident we experienced earlier this year. Toll has no intention of engaging with any ransom demands, and there is no evidence at this stage to suggest that any data has been extracted from our network”

Toll Group Systems

Toll Group Systems explains that the new attack is not related to the ransomware incident they had earlier this year.

“We are in regular contact with the Australian Cyber Security Centre on the progress of the incident.

Toll Group Systems

They continued to explain that Toll Group Systems is working closely with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

“We have business continuity plans and manual processes in place to keep services moving while we work to resolve the issue. We expect these arrangements to continue for the remainder of the week.”

Toll Group Systems

Additionally they shared that they have implemented and activated their business continuity plans, and that they will do their best to provide the services as how they have been doing in the last years.

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