Tingkatkan Jualan Anda Dengan Facebook Viral

The ‘Tingkatkan Jualan Anda Dengan Facebook Viral’ video is a message which is luring Indonesian internet users to a malicious website.

The Indonesian internet users are lured to a malicious website, which will demand them to share and like the malicious website first.

Once the Indonesian internet users have clicked on the malicious ‘play’ button, they will be redirected to another malicious website which will serve them a malicious survey or application.

Tingkatkan Jualan Anda Dengan Facebook Viral

The unaware users want to watch a video which will teach them how to make money with Facebook. In this case, the cybercriminal will be the one that is earning money.

Increase your sales with viral facebook
Increase your sales with viral facebook

The malicious ‘increase your sales with viral facebook’ video is being shared on Indonesian networks. Please inform your Indonesian friends and family about this malicious virus.

Malicious schemes

Hackers and cybercriminals are using these ‘click farming’ website to increase their online revenue. The hackers use this schemes as ¬†they are very effective.

Malicious source code of the website

We have received various request to publish the source code of these malicious websites. You can download the source code (html) of this malicious website by clicking on this link.

malicious source code fbvapp

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