Threat report on the Ukraine and Russia conflict

A new report has been published by Radware which provides an insight on the threat alert level within the Ukraine and Russian conflict. The report takes a view on the countries and entities which are under threat, it provides an insight on the attack vectors and it provides an general recommendation which will help you to have a better insight on the conflict.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is a perfect chance for cybercriminals to take advantage of the (often) unattended computers. There are various examples of how the Ukranian and Russian hackers are fighting eachother on the 5th domain.


The executive summary reads:

The current conflict between Ukraine and Russia following the Ukrainian revolution, the Crimean peninsula crisis,
and the recent fighting in Slovyansk and Odessa, has the potential of military and political escalation. This conflict
takes a global form following the involvement of the USA, Europe, NATO and other actors.