The Threat Intelligence battle: Facebook Threat Exchange

Threat Intelligence:  Big Data, malware habits and malicious IP’s and domains are being analyzed and exchanged daily by security professionals all around the world. This information is being shared to security professionals so they can secure the environment which they are active in.

For example, malicious IP’s can be added to various Intrusion detection systems and Intrusion Prevention systems to prevent a malicious outbreak or cyber attack.

The battle for threat intelligence

Now there has been a development in the battle for threat intelligence. The Facebook giant has published their Threat Exchange environment which has been setup for security professionals to share threat intelligence information.

Threat Exchange

Facebook states that they have crafted an environment which allows participants to protect the sensitive data which is being provided to the Facebook Threat Exchange database.  The current Facebook Threat Exchange environment is being powered by the early partners:

The biggest threat intelligence center?

Facebook states that the Threat Exchange environment will grow because they expect partners to join the Threat Exchange environment and I believe it will grow, but it will depend on a couple of questions which need to be answered:

  • Where will be the data stored
  • Who will own the data which is stored
  • How long will the data be stored
  • Who is allowed to use the data
  • What will insure the safety of the data which is provided


Other threat intelligence sharing centers

There are hundreds of environments on the web which provide threat intelligence. There are thousands of companies worldwide that provide threat intelligence services, so where are their threat intelligence services? Here, here and here.

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