This is Why Anonymous lost its Verified Badge

The Anonymous page on Facebook claims to be the official “Anonymous collective” page but how can an collective like Anonymous have an “official page”? ! Well, that is exactly what Facebook thought after they reviewed the Anonymous page.

Facebook states that some pages and profiles are verified by Facebook to let Facebook users know that they are dealing with a authentic organization or person, but how can you authenticate Anonymous users?! (Strike one)

The second strike is on the fact that Facebook ony recognizes global brands, businesses, celebrities and public figures – but Anonymous is an collective, and if you search the Facebook domain on Anonymous groups and pages, you will find out that there are hundreds of pages which state that they are the official Anonymous page.


The third strike is on the fact that the Anonymous page is not an media page anymore (by legal terms).


The Anonymous page has been sharing click-bait articles and it is known that Facebook and Google are fighting these type of articles. So it is not weird that Facebook removed the verified badge of Anonymous. It is also known that AnonHQ directly copied and pasted articles on their site and claiming to be the official writers.

But hey, this are just my thoughts.